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12-week Online Transitional Coaching Programme  - 2024

You don’t have to quit your day job to focus on your passion. It’s not an all or nothing proposition. I meet people all the time who say they’re working full-time and pursuing their dreams on the side, in their free time. You may still need to earn a living while you transition onto your new path. This is true whether you’re planning to start a business, preparing to establish a new career or going through a life change.

Having gone through the challenges of transitioning to remote working on a Hebridean island myself, I now help others to transition more easily into their new way of living. We created a Gaelic School to sustain ourselves living here and now work with students worldwide, both remotely as well as on the island during the summer. Imagine if you could realize your dream ... what would that feel like?

Option 1

start 05/02/2024
Weekly 1 hour Group Zoom Call

Mondays 3-4pm GMT

Option 2

start 05/02/2024

Private sessions

Weekly 1 hour Zoom Call


Option 3

start 05/02/2024

Self-paced, without support



When you feel safe and secure, there is no room for fear. Coming to the Hebrides, we offer a safe place, away from all distractions to replenish your energy. It will help you surmount those ill feelings - whether this is through meditation, action-taking or a walk on the beach. This sense of comfort will soothe you and allow you to face your fear. Combine this with a digital detox and remove internet and phone from your life to allow your brain to reboot. 

4-day summer retreat on the Isle of North Uist (Claddach Kirkibost Centre)
15 - 19 July 2024 : £375 (lunch and refreshments included)
Registration waiting list is open. (mininum 4 participants required)

Pick-up from Lochmaddy ferry & Benbecula airport can be arranged.
Daily transport available for those staying in accommodation close to Lochmaddy/Langass/Locheport/Kirkibost/Bayhead. 

Dinner & accommodation not included (we can try to arrange shared self-catering accommodation with a lower rate, once multiple registrations come in)

"You know, there are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of action." 
- W. Somerset Maugham -

There’s nothing better than having your own freedom in your life.  This can be accomplished by taking action and learning to manifest your life to its fullest potential.  One shouldn’t have to put their needs, goals, and dreams aside simply because you don’t think they’re important or worth the chance of coming true.

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