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35 Years of working for SME's and multinationals like Bosch.

Ann Desseyn, L.C.H. Dip
Practitioner of Life Coaching
Founder & CEO of:
Love Gàidhlig Ltd


Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring - Kaya Humanitarian Leadership Academy

L.C.H. Dip. in Life Coaching - Curly Martin Life Coaching Training

BA (Hons) Humanities with History

Dip. European Humanities

Postgrad Cert. Integrated Safety, Health and Environmental Management (OU)

Cert. Gaelic and Related Studies - Cùrsa Comais

PGDE Secondary (History) English & Gaelic Medium​

ISO 9001QMS/Quality Lead Auditor – IRCA
Award in Leadership - ILM

Certificate in International Auditing (CertIA) - ACCA

Certificate in International Financial Reporting - ACCA

F1 Accountant in Business - ACCA

Bosch Internal Controls Auditing

Prince2 Practitioner - Project Management

Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) RegulationsImprovement in Energy Efficiency and Reduction of CO2-emissions for sub-project managers at Bosch Rexroth AG

​UK National Air Cargo Security level D
Access and Identity Management

Data Protection & Information Security
Bosch Protection Security
Benchmark Quality Audit

Emergency Planning - Massey University

Mass Fatality Management - Columbia University

Elements of Leadership - Decision-making & Problem-solving under Emergency Conditions - Columbia University

Climate Change: Public Health Preparedness and Response - Columbia University

Public Health Risks of Ionizing Radiation - Columbia University

Analysis of Information in Humanitarian Emergencies - Columbia University

Sea Level Rise and Flood Risk - Columbia University

International Organizations Management - University of Geneva

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination - West Virginia University

Let’s Work Together
to Build Your Future

Ann Desseyn - Cooper
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